Addison's Disease in Great Danes

Dr. Anita Oberbauer at the CGAP (Canine Genetic Analysis Project) is requesting that Dane owners please donate samples to help us defeat Addison's Disease in this breed! We need individual dogs with a known health status. This means if you have an older Dane never diagnosed with Addison's, then this dog can be very helpful to her current research. Also Danes that have been diagnosed with Addison's are desperately needed!

Buccal swabs can be used, but the newer (and better-SNP assay) analysis really requires a blood sample, so if you can offer this, it's preferred. See the below for links and more information. Note also if you have submitted a Dane's DNA to this study, do be sure to periodically update that dog's file. Contact Dr. Oberbauer directly with specific questions about the research. For more information on Addison's Disease in the Great Dane, email

If you would like to learn more about Addison's Disease, its symptoms and treatment, click on the link below.

Canine Addison's Info

NEW for JANUARY 2008

Call for BLOOD Samples for Addison’s:

Although we continue to collect DNA from buccal swab samples, newer research technologies require DNA extracted from blood samples. Thus, we are seeking blood samples from affected and unaffected dogs. Affected dogs with veterinary diagnosis can be submitted from dogs of any age. For unaffected dogs, we especially need samples from dogs over the age of 7 years that are free from the disease. Please consider donating adrenal tissue from Addisonian dogs if euthanasia becomes necessary.

There is no fee for participating in this study although the owner bears the cost of blood collection and shipping of the sample to the laboratory. Some veterinarians may collect and ship samples at no charge for research purposes – please check with your veterinarian.

In the event that your dog’s DNA from the blood sample is used directly in the development of a commercially available diagnostic test developed by this laboratory, the results of the test for that dog will be provided at no cost upon your written request following the availability of that commercial test.

The Addison's work is a collaborative study between UC Davis, Åke Hedhammar in Sweden and Kerstin Lindblad-Toh of the Broad Institute. We appreciate your continued interest in our study.

Download blood sample submission instructions here:

To request a buccal (cheek) swab kit:

To Update Your Dog's Health Status:

If you have previously submitted a dog to our study, we would appreciate regular health updates, including if the dog is still healthy.

New submissions, please click submission form at left:

If your dog is unaffected with the disease, please submit a health update annually, even if the dog is still healthy.

Please Note:
This kit is for participation in a research study only - it is NOT a test to verify if your dog does or does not have the disease. All submissions are confidential and results for individual dogs will NOT be made available.

CGAP Canine Genetic Analysis Project FAQs:

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Best Regards, JP Yousha
Chair, H&W, GDCA


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