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Nutrition for the Pregnant Great Dane and Her Pups  ($25)

Description: This is a virtual seminar is scheduled for 9:30am – 11:00 am Mountain Time in the Mesa Room.  This seminar will focus on the role key nutrients play in the reproductive process from conception to gestation and lactation. It will discuss the unique nutritional requirements of puppies and how to select a pet food based on life stage.

                BIO:  Dr. Raj Naik, Purina ProPlan Nutritional Specialist.    Dr. Raj Naik developed a special interest in clinical nutrition while at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, followed by University of Tennessee to pursue specialty training in small animal clinical nutrition. As a Veterinary Communications Manager and one of several board-certified veterinary nutritionists at Purina, Dr. Naik serves as a liaison between Purina and the veterinary community. Dr. Naik is an affiliate faculty member at Colorado State University and serves on the Membership Committee for the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. In his free time, you will find Raj attempting to entertain his son, along with his emergency veterinarian wife, dog, and two cats.

AKC Pet Insurance AKC Breeder Support Presentation  (Free)

Description: This is a virtual seminar is scheduled for 11:30am – 12:30pm Mountain Time in the Mesa Room.  A virtual presentation, with informational materials provided regarding the specifics of the AKC pet Insurance program, Breeder support program and coverage.  The presentation lasts 20-30 min with plenty of time for Q&A.  This seminar is free to all registered participants.

                BIO:       Emily Larsen, Outreach & Education Specialist, Breeder Support

Neonates: The First Few Weeks of Life in a Great Dane puppy  ($30)

Description: This seminar is scheduled for 1:00pm – 3:00pm Mountain Time in the Mesa Room.  This seminar will delve into best husbandry practices and techniques to maximize survival and wellness of newborn puppies. We will discuss: both husbandry and diseases most common during this period,  tips and tricks at home for breeders,  recognizing concerns early are key to preventing loss of newborns that may be struggling immediately after birth,  problems in development and growth, during early development,  neonatal emergencies that may be appreciated more commonly once puppies and dam have settled in. This seminar will help give you some tools to use at home to recognize early warning signs, as well as help you to manage more serious diseases such as canine herpesvirus and failure to thrive syndromes.

                Bio:    Dr. Andrea Hesser is a boarded theriogenologist that practices in small animal and repro practice in North Texas and Oklahoma. She also stands as a veterinary consultant in small animal reproduction and genetics internationally for other veterinarians needing support on cases. In addition to assisting clients and veterinarians, she is also involved in the Oklahoma State University 4th year curriculum, and teaches students on canine reproductive, neonatal, and genetic topics. Her other professional interest is focused on stud dog preservation and frozen semen storage for Zoetis and Genesis Canine Reproduction. Dr. Hesser has been published in textbooks regarding canine neonatal care and emergencies and has also spoken to clients and veterinarians about various topics in canine therio and neonatology. She is also a passionate member of the AKC dog community, especially conformation shows. She spends much of her free time showing both client and personal dogs, and dabbles in other sports such as lure coursing, dock diving, and agility.