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Cost per RV is $1200 inclusive of services as listed below.


Important information you need to know……

  • Exhibitor RV check in will begin at 9am CT on 10/27/24. Per restrictions being imposed by The Kalahari Resort, exhibitor RV’s arriving prior to 9am on 10/27/24 will not be allowed to park in any of the parking lots at Kalahari while waiting for check in to begin.
  • All spaces will be the exact same size. Each space will accommodate most tow vehicles and tow-behinds so you can park those vehicles within the boundaries of your assigned RV space.  Any over-sized tow vehicles or additional vehicles will be required to park in the parking lot adjacent to the RV Parking area.
  • A large commercial dumpster will be located within the RV parking area for disposal of dog waste and garbage. You are expected to clean up after your dogs and keep your area clean during the week.
  • Be sure you plan ahead for your use of fresh water and septic. There is no source of fresh water on site to fill your tank when you arrive so be sure you have filled with fresh water and dumped your tanks before arriving for check in.
  • The RV parking area will be adjacent to a large grassy space where dogs can be pottied and walked. PLEASE keep this area clean!  The Kalahari has never hosted a dog show previously so we need to make sure we leave a positive impression.
  • RVs must be removed from the Kalahari parking lot by 11am on Monday November 4th.
  • Should all spaces be filled, a waitlist will be started to fill any vacancies that may open.
  • Reservations MUST be cancelled no later than 8/1/24 to receive a full refund. If you need to cancel your reservation after 8/1/24 and your space can be filled, you will receive a full refund.  If your space remains unsold you will not receive a refund.
  • A letter will be emailed to all confirmed reservations with check-in instructions on October 1st. Information on the fresh water delivery and septic pumping will be included in that email as well.


  • All generator outlets will be 50 amp. You will need to bring your own converter plug if your RV uses 30 or 20 amp.
    • This information is required so we can plan parking spaces to make sure we don’t overload any one generator with too much power draw
  • Fresh water delivery and septic pumping will be provided twice during the week.  The cost of your RV reservation includes these services whether or not you use them.  You will not receive a discount nor a refund if you do not use these services.  To get vendors to provide these services we had to guarantee them that all RV spaces had to be included.
    • We need this information to plan accurately for deliveries of fresh water and to plan for septic pumping.
    • To fill your fresh water tank, the tanker will use a standard garden-hose connection. If your fresh water outlet would need something different be sure to contact Kymm Cowley, RV Parking Chair at prior to August 1, 2024.

By submitting your reservation indicates you have read and have accepted the requirements and restrictions listed above.

If you have any questions please contact either Kymm Cowley at or Jon Finck at